“Maria definitely knows what she’s doing. She is a gifted therapist who was able to figure out and fix my issues. I’m grateful for everything she has done for me. Most of all I’m thankful because she saved me from having back surgery.”- G. D.

“I have no idea what you just did to me…but this is the first time in 3 years that I’m able to stand straighter…”- R.R.

“I believe that the MFR and the pilates have helped me tremendously during my chemo treatments. Not only did it help me physically, but it has gotten me a lot stronger emotionally.”- J.L.

“I’m so glad I found Maria. In retrospect, I didn’t mind paying for treatment that actually worked…mfr saved my life!”- R. P.

“Recently I had a severe head injury and was advised to have physiotherapy during my rehabilitation. I had seen several therapists and I found that Maria was outstanding. She was extremely knowledgeable, conscientious and highly intuitive. In a short time she identified the significant problems and succeeded in their marked improvement. She has the wonderful capacity to generate trust and confidence in her clients. I recommend her unequivocally as a superb clinician.”- Dr. F.D.

“After knee replacement surgery, I was at a prominent inpatient rehab hospital for 20 days and was unable to walk when I was discharged home. I started working with Maria and after only six weeks, I felt”-

“like a new person that was transformed by an angel. We became good friends after my recovery and I was able to dance at her wedding! I still call her ‘my angel’” – Helen Lento

“I have been doing physical therapy with Maria for several months and have found her very helpful. Ihave multiple sclerosis and she has been very forthcoming with practical solutions as well as the physical therapy work I need to keep fit.”- Camilla Bergeron, President of Camilla dietz Bergeron ltd

“I have known and treasured Maria since 2005 after my knee replacement operation. She is not only an exceptional therapist but also an outstanding human being.”- Annamarie Hill

“Maria arrived like an angel in my life. After major back surgery she taught me all the basics of standing,walking, sitting and lying down. Her program proved perfect for me, and now that I am back runningaround town, I think of her often and with gratitude.”- Janet Rodgers, Travel Writer

“I had the pleasure of supervising Maria LaPutt for about 4 years. Maria is a talented therapist who inspires her patients to progress and while treating them with respect and compassion.”- Mary Taylor,PT, DPT, COS-C, Rehab Supervisor

“Maria has been providing physical therapy for over a year for my mother who has been suffering from arthritis for many years. My mother is 87 and given her age and sensitivity to drugs and hospital stays following open heart surgery in 2009, she is not considering knee surgery. Maria keeps my mother active and stable in her home and the exercise helps her manage her pain. From the day my mother met Maria, she has praised her skills and her ability to help her manage pain. She looks forward to Maria’s visits and gets a great deal out of the hour long sessions. Maria is very creative and tries a variety of exercises using equipment we have at home. Maria is a pleasure to work with and easily engages my mother. Over the years we have had many therapists but Maria is my mother’s favorite by far and I feel that I am leaving her in good hands. I am amazed at how much the therapy does to keep my mother physically active and in good shape and it manages the pain better than medications which have adverse side effects.”- Maria Diaz

“Maria La Putt is an amazingly talented physiotherapist. Once a week Maria has been visiting my elderly mother. In just a few short months the progress my mother has made is phenomenal. My mother was so weak that she was not able to walk very far; could not get up from a chair and was in danger of falling over. After Maria’s regime of weight training and exercises, my mother can now walk over half a mileand exhibits very little fatigue. I would add that Maria is charming but she is also capable of motivating my mother to challenge herself. I would recommend Maria to anyone who needs physiotherapy.” - Patricia Saffran, NYC

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