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Are you tired of traditional physical therapy?
Have you tried traditional physical therapy and have been unhappy with results or the experience?
Do you want one-on-one physical therapy, and not share your valuable time with many other patients?
Have you been dissatisfied that your care and treatment is being dictated by protocol or insurance constraints?
Have you been unhappy with time spent hooked up to machines that may not work, like electrical stimulation?
Have you spent most of your sessions unsupervised and performing exercises that do not seem to address your problems?

Has traditional therapy and medicine failed you?
Have you been told that nothing is wrong?That all of the medical tests (e.g., MRI, CT scan, X-Rays) show nothing?
Have you been told that you just have to live with your problems and that there is nothing that can be done?
Have you tried everything to relieve your symptoms but nothing has worked? (e.g., medication, epidural, surgery)
Do you want to feel better?
Do you have muscle or joint pain? Do you feel tired and lack energy? Do you feel stiff and old? Do you feel stressed, anxious, or depressed? Do you have pain (e.g., neck, back, jaw, knee, shoulder, ankle)? Do you want to try an approach that is safe, and doesn’t involve medication or surgery? Are you interested in improving your sport performance? Are you interested in getting healthier? Would you like to get in better shape? Are you interested in preventing injury? Would you like a better posture? Are you interested in learning how to be an active participant in your healing process?
Are you interested in a scientific approach to therapy rooted in Pilates and Yoga?
Are you interested in learning yoga or pilates from a medically trained person who has a deep and comprehensive understanding of the human body?
Are you a seasoned yoga or pilates practitioner who would like the benefit of getting trained by an instructor that can safely take you to the next level?
Ananda is different and here’s why …
Ananda Physical Therapy & Wellness uses an integrated, holistic, one-on-one approach to healing based on the principles of the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach®, Polestar® Pilates and Yoga. I founded Ananda because, despite my clinical doctoral training and over a decade of clinical practice, I found that the traditional approach to physical therapy could not help many of my patients reach their goals.Ananda PT’s complementary, nontraditional approach permits us to treat the whole person—not just their symptoms.
The Ananda approach is particularly suitable for people who have long-standing pain, stiffness, troublesome injuries, postural problems, and who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives. Ananda also caters to clients who are frustrated with traditional medicine and who are willing to be an active participant in their health.Our goal at Ananda is to create the best possible environment for health and healing to enable patients to reach their goals.

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